Saturday, 7 January 2012

Curiosity Killed the Hedonist by Gregory D.B. Holt

We have another accomplished author in our midst!

Curiosity Killed the Hedonist by Gregory D.B. Holt has just been released.

Greg Holt's first book"Curiosity Killed the Hedonist brings you 20 sarcastic adventure stories which give a glimpse of life on the wrong side of the global railroad tracks.  Take a journey through the shanty towns of South America, the mega-cities of Africa, the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, the dark neighborhoods of Siberia, the mysterious palaces of India, and the revolutionary streets of Egypt.  If you’re looking for a critically acclaimed, politically correct, wine tasting sojourn through the South of France, then please don’t buy this book.  But if you’re ready for candid, witty travel writing which blitzkriegs across six continents of chaos, then Curiosity Killed the Hedonist is the book for you."

It can be purchased through (not yet available throgh  Here is the link:

Happy reading!

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