Sunday, 22 January 2012

2012 Focus for the History Boards

This Summer's history boards for Canada Day and Civic Holiday will focus on two themes.

For Canada Day the focus will be "Sturgeon Point on the Water".  For that we will be looking for pictures of docks... boathouses... motor boats, canoes, sailboats... trips to town by boat... waterskiing... sailing... regattas... trips to other regattas... to Third Landing... swimming... being thrown off a raft... the Public Dock... Upper Warf... Sand Bar...  We want old pictures, recent pictures, photos from the 1960s and 70s...

Last year we found that focusing on two streets did not give us enough space to show all the amazing photos we received.  So this year we are focusing on 2nd Street for the Civic Holiday Regatta display.  So if you have pictures... we want to see them.  Again all decades and all families...

This year Sturgeon Point will also be participating in Doors Open 2012 in September.  We will be opening the doors of the Church, the Upper Warf and the Golf Course.  If you have pictures of the facilities or events taking place there, we would like them for the history boards that we will be creating for those venues.

We look forward to seeing your pictures.

John Dundas Flavelle & Rev John Walker Macmillan
at the Sturgeon Point Golf Course, abt 1906-1910

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