Sunday, 15 January 2012

Campbell Cottage on 1st Street

I am doing some research on the 1st Street cottage that belonged to Ed Campbell and his wife, Kay Lucas, daughter of Village Clerk Gavin Lucas and his wife Maud Paton.  Kay was also the sister of Eleanor Lucas, who married Jack Bain, and of John Lucas who married Elma Everist.  The Lucas family cottage was down on Henry Street.

The Campbell Cottage on 1st Street

Ed Campbell worked for Canada Packers.  He and Kay did not have any children and so it passed out of the family after them, but before that the cottage had belonged to Ed's parents.  Ed and his brother "Soup" or "Soupy"... how appropriate if your last name is Campbell! ... grew up there as children.

Can anyone help me with the first name of the Campbell parents?
Can anyone tell me Soup Campbell's real name?

Any help at all would be really appreciated.


  1. Gilbert Dundas Campbell, born Toronto Dec. 25, 1908 (Soup Campbell). One of these two brothers rented, owned or lived in a cotage at Sandy Point,Sturgeon Lake.

  2. Thanks for confirming the information we have. The Soup Campbells did purchase a cottage out on Sandy Point Road and eventually they sold it to Ed & Kay Campbell, who in turn sold the 1st Street cottage to purchase it. If you know of any descendants or have any pictures from the Soup Campbells time at the Sandy Point cottage, we would love to include them in the archive. Many thanks for taking the time to comment.