Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another Flavelle Connection...

Well it is a small world out there and we never need to get to six degrees of separation here at The Point.  We have had an amazing response to my request on information about the Campbells.  Here is some of what we found out.

Edwin William Dundas Campbell was born in Toronto on 11 Sep 1905.  His brother, Gilbert Dundas "Soup" Campbell was born in Toronto on 25 Dec 1908.

They were the children of Edwin Thomas Campbell (b. Aug 1869 Toronto/d. 1934 Toronto) and Lulu Olivia Dundas (b. 17 Nov 1869 Elmira NY).  Edwin T and Lulu were married in Toronto on 8 Nov 1899.  They lived a 496 St. Clair Avenue East in the Moorepark neighbourhood of Toronto. 
Now this is where things get fun.

Lulu was the daughter of John Dundas & Martha Carpenter of Elmira, NY, and the granddaughter of William Dundas & Olivia Higgenbotham.  Lulu and her brother William Dundas (anyone... anyone... starting to sound familiar...) were raised in Toronto by their father's aunt, Lydia Brunker "Lottie" Dundas and her husband, Laurence Maguire.  Young William Dundas went on to be a merchant in Lindsay (how surprising!) and in 1902 married Rose Edna Hockin.

Lottie's brother was Joseph Rutherford Dundas (lovely cottage at the bottom of 2nd Street) who married Amy Caroline Jones... and who took in his sister's children and trained them in the dry goods business.  Their Sturgeon Point cottage was inherited by their daughter Ada Dundas, who married William Rundell.

Cottage of Joseph Rutherford Dundas

Lottie's sister Dorothea Brunker Dundas married John Flavelle... whose children Joseph Flavelle, John Dundas Flavelle, William McElroy Flavelle and Margaret Flavelle Milner had such a huge impact on the community.

When Lulu first came to Sturgeon Point is not known, but she does appear in the 1880 picture of the Dundas clan camping at Sturgeon Point.
Lulu Olivia Dundas is No.11 on the legend and that makes her the small child sitting on a stump directly in front of the tent.  Her grandfather, William Dundas (No. 2) is sitting in the chair - it may be a wheel chair.  He died in 1885.

Lulu & Edwin T Campbell bought the cottage on 1st Street in January 1909.  From them is passed to their son Edwin W.D. Campbell and his wife, Kay Lucas.  As Edwin & Kay had no children, the cottage then passed to Harold Edward Grover, then to Alice M. Armstrong and then inn 1985 to its current owners.

Ed & Kay were well known for their wonderful Saturday night parties with Ed's extensive jazz collection and a well stocked bar.  These parties were usually attended by June & Bill Mclean, Amy & Clair Stewart, Marg & Jick Macmillan, Flavelle & Hazel Barrett, and John & Betty Kennedy.

Later Ed & Kay left 1st Street and moved down the Point to Sandy Point Road, where the Saturday night parties also included Irving & Jean Chalmers, Fluff & May Macmillan and the Appletons.

They are also fondly remembered by their Lucas and Bain nieces and nephews.


  1. fasacinating...I thought I owned that picture....wonder where yours came from. I am part of the Wm Mcelroy Flavelle connection. Thanks for the update. You filled me in on much I had heard verbally but never saw written.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I would love to talk with you. The 1880 picnic photo is the earliest known picture of the Point and was provided to us by a Sir J. Flavelle descendant from the Family Tree binder. Unfortunately the photographs in that binder do not give proper attribution to the original owners of the phtographs. I would be more than pleased to correct the attribution if you e-mail us at stptphotoproject@hotmail.com