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Cottage Interiors

The exteriors of our cottages and homes are a part of our visual landscape to such an extent that it often takes a visitor to point things out.  The Corn Cob has been yellow for so long that it never occurs to us to wonder if it was that colour when the Grantham family owned it and called it "Evelyn's Bower".  But what about the interiors?  While some pictures do exist.  With the natural wood interiors of most of the cottages, it was too dark before the flash was invented for interior pictures. Most pictures were taken on the porch and they show how much living occured there.

On the Porch at the Neelands Cottage on Lake Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets, abt 1900

But some interior pictures have survived.

Living Room & Dining Room of the Neelands Cottage on Lake Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets, abt 1900

The picture of the Gibson girl that shows up at the Neelands Cottage also shows up in the Barr's Cottage.

The Barr family - Daisy Barr, Margaret Barr, Ethel Roper Barr, CD Barr, Howard Barr, abt 1915

This picture of the Barr family was taken in CD Barr's cottage which stood on Lake Avenue between the current Barr Cottage and the Macmillan cottage.  It has since been demolished.  It is an unusual photograph because it also shows the maid standing in the doorway.  While "staff" are no longer common at The Point they used to be a part of everyday life.  The Kennedy's sleeping cabin on Lake Avenue used to be tucked back against their hedge across from the garage.  It used to house their staff that came with the family from Toronto.  Staff was then supplemented from the surrounding farms and from Fenelon Falls.

Dr. Bill Graham's great uncle Bill Graham in the Living Room of the Frame Farmhouse on the Graham Farm, early 1920s

The Graham family frame farmhouse still stands across the drive from the brick farmhouse that was built in the mid-1920s.  The brickhouse was built on the site of the original log home that had been built in 1866.

Dining Room at the Appleton Cottage, Sandy Point Road, 1930s

The picture of the Appleton's dining room shows that electricity had not yet been installed with oil lamps hanging from the ceiling, as sconces and free standing lamps.  On the left hand side you get a tantalizing glimpse into the kitchen beyond.

A bedroom at the Kennedy Cottage on Lake Avenue, 1950s

The picture of a bedroom in the Kennedy Cottage shows two guests visiting... while the guests are long grown, the furniture is still there!  And not much had changed in this picture from the late 1980s...

The Dining Room at the Kennedy Cottage on Lake Avenue, 1980s

This is a terrific picture, likely dating from the late 1980s or early 1990s, showing the winterizing of the Benson Cottage on 3rd Street.

Benson Cottage on 3rd Street - Bill Harris, Lois Benson, Charlie Gray and Pat Benson, undated

Size-wise, the Benson's wood stove had nothing on the Thakes' furnace...
Nap time in the Living Room at the Thake's Cottage, 2nd Street, abt 1995

If you have any interior pictures of your cottage, we would love to see them.

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