Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sturgeon Point Fish and Hunting

While looking for something completely different, I came across this 1889 book entitled Guide to the fishing and hunting resorts in the vicinity of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada: containing particulars of fish, game, hotels, livery and general facilities.  I could not resist seeing what they had to say about the Sturgeon Point Hotel.

Courtesy of the Hopkins Family

On pages 13 and 14, under Bobcaygeon, Hunting, it was noted:
The noted summer resort. Sturgeon Point, is on the route of the T. V. N. Co's steamers, which call every trip between Lindsay and Bobcaygeon both ways…
(T.V.N. Co. - Trent Valley Navigation Company)

On page 35 under Lindsay:
Hotels Benson House, $1.50, Congress Hall, Veitch House, Royal, $1 p. d. ; livery—single horse $2, team $4 p. d.
Fishing — Scugog R., Sturgeon L. 8 m. ; bass, Mg. ; the former most plentiful ; best months—June and July ; bait—spoon ; guides can be had at Sturgeon Point Hotel at $1 p. d. ; boats can be obtained at 50c. p.h.

and on page 55 was: 
Sturgeon Point, Co. Victoria (reached via Trent Valley Navigation Co.,from Lindsay).— Sturgeon Point Hotel, $2 p.d. ; livery, $3 p. d.
Fishing.—Sturgeon L., Goose L. and Scugag R. ; Mg. and bass, principally Mg. ; best months—July to Sept. ; bait – frogs, crawfish, &c., for still fishing ; no guides necessary ; boats 25c. p. h.

I love the fact that it cost a $1 to stay in Lindsay but $2 at Sturgeon Point.  I also love that according to the Lindsay listing boats at the Point were 50c per hour but the Point listing says they are only 25c. 

Courtesy of the Brown Family

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  1. On page 35 it mentions the "Benson House" as a Lindsay hotel. I am doing a family tree and have found that my relatives stayed at the Benson House in 1924. If anyone could provide me with any information on this building and where its location was, I would greatly appreciate it.