Saturday, 11 February 2012

Meeting Sturgeon Pointers...

I had the pleasure last week of meeting Len & Norma Shea at their home, which had been built by another Sturgeon Pointer, William Needler.  They were absolutely charming and very welcoming.  Mr. Shea has a long history of historical activism in the city in which he resides and is a font of information.

He was able to share some absolute gems and I will be writing about them in the near future.  But the big find that he had was the original Sturgeon Point Hotel Register from 1881 to 1897.  It was saved by hotel visitor as they ran out of the hotel on the day of the fire.  A short look through yielded names like Flavelle, Lucas, Mclaughlin, and Ryerson.  People came from cities like Lindsay, Port Hope, Halifax, Rochester, Buffalo, and Toronto.  Plans are being made to photograph the Register which will open some interesting avenues of exploration and show how many of the early families were hotel guests originally.

The Sturgeon Point Hotel, after 1893

I would like to thank the Sheas for their willingness to share their information.

If you have pictures or information about the Point, please drop us a line or give us a call.

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