Sunday, 26 February 2012

And a few more swimming pictures...

I was asked for a few more boating pictures...  The first group come from the Brown family and were all taken before 1910.

Joseph Brown driving one of his steam launches

The Admiral on Sturgeon Lake
R1 loaded to the gunnel...

The R1

Also taken during the Great War and come from the photo album of Charles D. Barr.


Ethel Roper Barr with daughters Margaret and Bette at the oars, 1915


Charles Barr, age 14, 1915
Note underneath reads: "myself in canoe St.Pt. '15"
 Then there was a wonderful picture of Charles Barr and his friends canoeing in 1915...

but the image made no sense as they are clearly in front of the Upper Warf looking towards Chivas.  However if you mirror the image... suddenly everyone is heading the correct direction.  The only challenge remaining is the identification of the two story boat house as being Chivas, as it should be where the first brown boat house is (centre).  The two story boat house should be the one then belonging to Lloyd Woods (Lots 12& 13 Lake Avenue).

The next two pictures were take in the 1920s by the Mulligan family from Treetops on Lake Avenue.

Note:  The Morgan's boat house was in the background.


Hope you enjoyed these.  Many thanks to those who shared.

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