Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Ice

This winter has been a strange one weather-wise so far.  We are used to viewing the ice as another road with snowmobiles, hockey players and walkers.  

In 1956. the Callis family stood on the ice for a family photo.
Courtesy of the Thake family.

We are used seeing it as a wildlife corridor with deer and coyotes populations moving in different directions.  This year with its freeze-thaw cycle working overtime, the temperatures hovering just below zero (and yes we did get a few very cold days!) and not very much snow, the ice has not really frozen.  The sound of a snowmobile on the lake is more inclined to make you think "idiot!" than wish you were out there. 

And at night, when the rest of the lake goes quiet, you can hear the ice moving.  It sounds for all the world like a whale song. 

Its fascinating to listen too until you remember that your dock is involved...

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