Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sailing Pennants

A fantastic image came in recently from the Lai family.  It was taken out in front of the Brown-Jordan Boathouse. 

When I blew up the details, I could clearly see the Lindsay Canoe Club frog pennant at the top of the mast, but it was the Royal Ensign with the words "Sturgeon Lake Championship" that caught my eye.

This was a new pennant for me and it made me think of all the other sailing pennants that I had seen over the years in other cottages.  So I put out inquiries to a couple of Pointers asking if they knew about this pennant or of any others. 

The Phipps and Brown families came through again with a series of Lindsay Canoe Club pennants showing the variations on the "squashed" frog.

These two date to 1912

This one dates to 1927

This one was undated by the orange and purple make it eye popping!

These two on the yellow field date to 1929 and 1930.

Again undated but its tattered tail is red.

The Hopkins and Lai families then added these two images of the interior of the porch of Rose Cottage, where every Regatta weekend, Fred Hopkins displayed their family's collection.

Does your family have any sailing flags?  If so we would love to see pictures of them.  We are currently tracking down the minutes of the Lindsay Canoe Club and are hoping to be able to identify the individual winners.

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