Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Can you help identify the cottage?

We have a cottage mystery and I am hoping that someone might recognize their own.  The picture dates to the 1890s and it is Dr. Jacob Needlands who is sitting with his dog on the bench.  The woman on the porch is not clear. 

Here is what the gingerbread looks like.

The gingerbread is identical to that of Bide-a-Wee and the Stewart-Wolff-Phipps cottage but the double doors and lack of bay window eliminate that property.  It is not the Corn Cob. Besides being too big, the roof line does not work for the Neelands cottage.  The roofline also does not work for Oakhurst - the Ryerson-Barrett-Tawastjerna-Koozak cottage.  Its too wide for CD Barr's cottage and the gingerbread is all wrong for the Britton House.

The challenge with this cottage is that it is two rooms wide.  Most are only one room wide, so show just a door at the front or a door and a window.  Have not had any luck in finding it still standing and so am hoping that it might also appear in someone else's album. 

Would love your suggestions!

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