Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Evolution of a Cottage

One of the wonderful things about receiving all of these pictures is that a time line can start to be developed for some of the cottages.  Interestingly one of the most photographed cottages was Koshaqua Lodge.

This picture dates to just prior to WWI

Koshaqua Lodge was the cottage of Alexander "Sandy" Flack and his wife, Anna Mae Brown.  Married in Lindsay in 1899, they cottaged at The Point with their son, Lloyd Flack.

Anna Mae Brown was the daughter of Joseph Brown & Sabina Masters, and the sister of Ida Brown, who married Web Shelley, and Bill Brown, who married Flora Graham.  Bill & Flora had the nest cottage north on 5th Street.  The Shelleys owned the property at the east corner of 4th and Lake Avenue.  It was inherited by Bill & Flora's children, Ida Mae Brown Steen Noble and Bill Brown.  Sandy & Anna Mae's son Lloyd, kept Koshaqua Lodge until the late 1940s, but he regularly brought his children Linda and Sandy back to spend time at The Point with their cousins.

By the late 1940s the cottage's porch had been partially enclosed.

Late 1930s - Early 1940s

Then at a later date the porch was fully closed in.  While the front lawn is now a driveway and the small trees are gone.  The pillars are still visable behind the windows.
Circa 2005

Today the Davis family loves and cares for this cottage as much as the Flacks did and we thank them for allowing us to display pictures of their cottage... and their pug!

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