Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Wilds of Sturgeon Point

Often you hear the children talk about the Sturgeon Point Forest or watch them with glee as the tramp through the woods behind the park.  While the adults worry about poison ivy, the children have become indians slipping silently though the woods to ambush the peacefully chatting mothers. 

Before the gypsy moths struck in the mid 1990s, Sturgeon Point was much more heavily wooded but images such as the following remind us that landscape has become slightly tamed...  The location on the Point for this image is not known, but the metal railing running behind the two men in the top hats is similar to surviving pipe fences...

Dr. Jacob Neelands (on the chair) with his son Ernest Neelands
The other three men are as yet unidentified
Courtesy of the Neelands family

So when thinking about Christmas gifts this year... perhaps we should all be asking for a tree...

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