Saturday, 10 December 2011

SLSC's new facility taking shape

It was great to drive by this afternoon and see the new building going up at the Sailing Club.  Despite the grey skies and snow squall lines coming though, the guys from Cornerstone were hard at work.

SLSC, December 2011

It made me think of a letter and memorandum I had seen recently dated 29 Nov 1955 from Philip Wisner to John Kennedy in which they discussed the building of the original club house.  It read in part:

"It is planned to erect a building of rough construction, 40' x 18'.  The lower floor will divided into boat storage and dressing rooms and will have four 10' doors.  The upper floor will be one large room, approached by stairs outside of the building.

A cash estimate of costs has been made to include, electrical wiring--sash and doors (old, but adequate window frames and a door are available).

The building is plain, but it will not be an eyesore, as it is a simple structure...

Charlie Grey has made a careful estimate of the cost and he has arranged with the carpenters and other labor required, to work at minimum rates.  The lumber is being supplied by Handley in Fenelon Falls at the lowest price possible and the electrical work will be done by Hartland Clerk on the same basis.

Arthur [Milner] and I feel strongly that the cost must be kept with the contract of $3,000.00 and that a portion of this should be raised by the children next summer.

In order to facilitate this, Grey, Clerk, the carpenters and Handley are willing to wait for part of their wages and material bills."

Philip Wisner concluded:

"... Personally, I think we will all agree that if the sailing club can be a made a going concern it will be a good thing for Sturgeon Point. ..."

The Going Concern - 2011 Mid-Ontarios

If you have pictures of the main Club House, either under construction or in its first years, we would love to see them.

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