Saturday, 31 December 2011

Farewell 2011!

Well... 2011 has been a great for The Sturgeon Point History Project!

We have received hundreds of new images and through the displays at the Canada Day BBQ and the Civic Holiday Running Races, and through this Blog have been able to share a great many of them.  This Blog began the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and since then we have had over 1,660 visits - 900 from Canada, 74 from the US, 40 from the UK, 21 from Germany with additional visitors from Ireland, Indonesia, France, Australia, and Brazil.  Amazingly we had over 100 visitors from Russia - although they might have been looking for a different Sturgeon, they hung around long enough to take a look...

Turn-out and response to the displays at the community events has been very encouraging.  Each event resulted in more information and more images coming to be scanned. 

In addition to the displays at the Point, I gave two talks on Sturgeon Point - one at the Church and one in Fenelon for Kawartha Heritage.  We also participated in community history days at Maryboro Lodge Museum (Fenelon) and at the Lindsay Armouries with the Victoria County Historical Society.

We also had a great deal of luck in tracking down former Sturgeon Point community members and many of them have contributed very early images.  We are now also starting to get home movies (VHS and DVD formats only please!) and I have been threatened with cases of slides - hopefully, I will be able to take those in the near future.

I had a lot of help and while many do not wished to be thanked in a public forum - their help was essential and really appreciated.  My thanks to all the volunteers.  We are looking forward to a terrific 2012!

Thanks for a terrific 2011!  We'll see you all in 2012!

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