Monday, 17 October 2011

Walking Along Our Roads - Part II

Yesterday's post brought in some terrific new pictures of street scenes. 

The Cave family sent in these two images.  The first is walking down 3rd Street.

The second is walking into the Village from the Fenelon Road (County Road 25)

Then the following came from the Neelands family.  It is Lake Avenue in front of the Lake View Inn (bottom of 4th Street, west side) looking east on Regatta day - 3rd of August 1914.  It is poignant because on August 4th 1914, Canada joined the Allies in declaring war on Germany. 

As another Sturgeon Pointer, Major General Dr Sterling Ryerson wrote in his diary:
"On August 4th at midnight Great Britain, true to the treaty with Belgium, of which treaty Germany was also a signatory, declared war. We realized that when England was at war we were at war, for the Empire is one. England's king is our king, her flag is our flag, all of which facts Germany discovered to her cost."

In the meantime the Regatta went on..
A side note is that the short wood fence is the corner of the Hopkins property and was later replaced with a metal pipe fence.  The same wood fence can be seen in this undated picture, which looks west along Lake Avenue past the bottom of 5th Street.  The picture came courtesy of the Lai family:

From the Thakes came the following which had been collected for Y2K

And Forest Road at Rose Hill

And from their own collection - looking north up 2nd Street:

We look forward to seeing more street scape images!

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