Thursday, 20 October 2011


With all the heavy winds we have had of late, it is really too bad that it has been too cold to sail.  So I have been browsing through the Archive looking for sailing pictures and came across this series about the first season of the SLSC.  These pictures come from the Kennedy family and date to 1956.
It is really amazing how little has changed... even if the "SLSC" letters are missing from the wall and the decking is not there to pull up the boats and an addition has been put on behind... parents are still waiting to pick up their kids and the bikes are still piled under the tree at the bottom of the stairs, the raft and dock are still there...

The boats and the sweatshirts may have changed but the goals of learning to sail and having a great time have stayed the same.  We greatly appreciate all the volunteers and instructors who give so much of themselves, with a special thanks to the Wroe family who permit the annual invasions.

Fifty-five years on we still have a terrific thing going!

If you have pictures of SLSC and related events (regattas and galas) we'd love to see them.

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