Friday, 21 October 2011

Changes to the Upper Warf

The new stairs have been completed at the Upper Warf and I can only say "Bravo!" to SPA and the volunteers who have pulled it together.  While the original usage of the Upper Warf has changed from the days of the Esturion docking...

And the need to bring horse and wagons and the luggage hand carts down to the water is no longer an issue... Other activities have continued there...

and people have continued to gather to watch sailing races or to fish.  So it was grood planning to take the increasingly unstable and washed out access path and replace it with something that will be surer underfoot and looks great. The bank still needs to be sodded, but this is going to be a terrific space.

It also better showcases the memorial to Capt. Grey and the Lintonia.

If you took pictures of it being built, please send them through.  Many thanks!

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