Friday, 8 March 2013

Its a small world...

Back in December 2011, I wrote a posting on Wallace Jones & his wife Marjorie Campbell, who had owned Lot 11 on Lake Avenue - .  I was recently contacted by Michael Poplyansky at York University who is working with the historian Ged Martin to bring to light the history of Ontario's Lieutenant-Governor Sir Alexander Campbell, Post Master General, Father of Confederation and law partner of Sir John A MacDonald. (Ged Martin's initial findings will be published in the Spring 2013 of Ontario History.)
Michael's inquiry into the offspring of Jones & Campbell (they didn't have any) led me back to the brick wall I had in trying to find descendants to wrangle Sturgeon Point photos out of.  So instead of hunting down the Campbell side, I went hunting for Joneses.  And while I haven't located any yet, I did find one of those small world Sturgeon Point coincidences that confirm that there are only two degrees of separation at the Point.
Wallace Jones was the younger brother of Dr. David "Ogden" Roebuck Jones of Toronto.  Dr. Jones married to Annie Isabel Burr Plumb and they had a son Clarkson Ogden Jones.
Clarkson Jones, nephew of Wallace & Marjorie, married Marion Scott Denton, daughter of Judge James Herbert Denton.  They had a son Peter.  Unfortunately, Clarkson did not behave particularly well and the Judge arranged for his daughter's divorce.  Thankfully she found happiness with WWI Military Cross recipient, Capt. Leonard Proctor Chalmers.  He adopt young Peter, who became known as Peter Denton Chalmers (sadly he passed away in 1991).
Marion Scott Denton Chalmers was the younger sister of Samuel Bradley Gundy Denton, who was married to Mary "Mildred" Geary.  They had a son Richard "Dick" Denton who was also married twice and who found happiness the second time with a Chalmers at Sturgeon Point residing two doors down from the Jones cottage on Lake Avenue.
It would have been even more ironic if the two Chalmers families were related, but at his point no connection has been found.  Dick's widow M has fond memories of Aunt Marion, saying the she had been very kind.
I love the way Sturgeon Point connects...
If you have any information on the Jones, Chalmers or Denton families, please contact the History Project.

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