Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Colouring the Nation... Where did ours flags come from?

The Sturgeon Point History Project was recently contacted by Dr. Stana Nenadic from the School of History, Classics & Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh.  Dr. Nenadic and her research assistant, Dr. Sally Tuckett, have been involved in the research of the Scottish Red Turkey textile industry in Scotland.  They have been documenting their finds in an on-line format at:

And how you might ask does this relate to Sturgeon Point? 

Well in the course of their research Dr. Nenadic came across a November 2011 posting on the blog about flags at Sturgeon Point and in particular about the 1897 Jubilee flags that were hung at the Flack cottage "Koshaqua" on 5th Street.  It would appear that the flags hung there are the product of the Red Turkey textile industry.  They requested permission to include the images of "Koshaqua" in their on-line project.  This permission was given and the image can be seen at:

With the snow deep and weather unappealing for sledding, skating or other winter activities, please take a hot chocolate or hot toddy break and read the fascinating work done by Drs. Nenadic and Tuckett.

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