Sunday, 11 November 2012

We will remember them...

As another Remembrance Day rolls around, we would like to pay tribute to the members of the Sturgeon Point community who have served.  From the Battle of Batoche to Afghanistan & Iraq, members of our community have served on the front lines and on the home front to preserve those values that we as Canadians and our allies hold as sacred.

We ask you to share their stories with us so that their sacrifice is not in vain.  It is 127-years since a young Major General Dr. Sterling Ryerson served in the medical tents at Batoche patching up Canadians of Metis, English and French origin.  It is 102-years since that August morning, the day after the Regatta, that young men got on to the ferry at the Upper Wharf and left to enlist.  It is 73-years since a September morning at the end of summer, when the next generation picked up the torch thrown and took up the quarrel.  

Since then we have seen action in Korea and Afghanistan.  Served as peacekeepers in the Cyprus, Israel, Bosnia... A roll call of places in which our soldiers have served. 

For their sacrifice, we thank them.

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