Sunday, 21 October 2012

2013 Events being planned

We are currently in the midst of planning our 2013 schedule and we would appreciate your thought, comments, photographs...

2013 Canada Day BBQ
Heritage Display theme:  Sturgeon Point Streets - 1st Street and Sandy Point Road
I have contact information for most of the 1st Street residents and hope to speak with them through the winter so that we can pull this together.

Sandy Point Road is a tricky one.  At some point the cottages are no longer in Sturgeon Point and become part of Hickory Beach.  But I think that I will leave this to the individual cottagers who live on that road to decide where that line is.  Historically, Hickory Beach was a marshy area were the guests from the Sturgeon Point Hotel went to hunt ducks and the like.  I don't know very much about the history of our neighbouring community (available guest blog topic for any interested writers) and so am not able to judge where they see their boundaries. Again I will be in touch with the families along the road to learn about their road's history.

2013 Civic Holiday Regatta
Heritage Display theme:  175th Anniversary of the 1st Sturgeon Point Regatta
This is a great one for participation - with all the cameras that are at all of this event, we should be able to get some great images. I will be looking for images of races, prizes, flyers, stories...

Civic Holiday Regatta - Running Races, 1960
courtesy of the Agnew family

2013 Speakers Series
We have already booked two speakers for next summer - and yes, John Summers, GM at the Canadian Canoe Museum will be returning!  We still have a third speaker to book. If there is a topic that is of particular interest to you, then drop me a line.

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