Saturday, 21 April 2012

Park time...

Well its Saturday morning and already the complaints have started because its raining and that means we will not be headed to the Park.  Of all the gifts that this community has given itself, the Park has been one of the most successful.  Carved out of the woods on Irene Avenue by community members, this is the earliest known picture:
Building the slide - Mr. Gruer and Robert Hopkins
The earliest photo shows Robert Hopkins and a Mr. Gruer building the slide.  Initially waxed wood, it was later replaced by metal.  Can anyone tell me what Mr. Gruer's first name is and where their cottage was?

This undated winter photo from the Cave family shows the original metal frame bolted to the tree - which I remember as a stump.

Winter in the Park - mid 1950s
Hanging out at the Park in the winter has remained universally popular.

The old swings back in the late 1980s/early 1990s

In the 1940s shuffleboard was introduced.
In 1947, this picture was taken of the new shuffleboard courts and of 3-yr old Barb Fee and her mother.

The Fees at the new shuffleboard courts
The role of the park has evolved over the years.  Informal playtime has been joined by community events.

And celebrating the 100th Anniversary of our Incorporation as a Village

Raising the Flag for our 100th Anniversary

Community Members at the 100th Anniversay
In more recent years, the fabulously revamped Park in the Woods has hosted a number of events including the Easter Eggstravaganza, Canada Day Celebrations, the Street Dance and BBQ on Civic Holiday, and the very popular Halloween in the Park.  
City of Kawartha Lakes Mayor Ric Mcgee presenting the Village with a City flag, Canada Day 2011

While the events are fantastic and we thank SPA for organizing and hosting them, it is the daily usage when would have so pleased Mr. Gruer and Robert Hopkins.

If you have pictures of the Park, we would love to have them.  Give us a call.

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