Tuesday, 24 April 2012

One Ringy Dingy...

In the late Summer of 1958, the following letter was received by the residents of Fenelon Falls and Sturgeon Point who had telephones.
This letter was the first indication that direct dial service would be coming to the community.  Since the early 1950s, Gratton & Audrey Rutherford had run the summer telephone exchange from their store at the corner of Irene and Forest Streets

Prior to the Rutherfords arrival, the only telephone was at the Lake View Inn, at the corner of 4th Street and Lake Avenue.

In April 1959, the following letter was received by C.B. Symonds, Manager, The Bell Telephone Company of Canada, Lindsay, Ontario.

1959 Advertisment for Bell Telephone
Image courtesy of Dennis Markham's Classic Rotary Phones

On 20th of April, 1959, John E Kennedy replied to C.B. Symonds:
The phone number that was given to John Kennedy 59 years ago, is still the telephone number used today by the family.

Do you know what your family's exchange number was?

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