Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Sturgeon Point History Project - 2013 Season

Happy Two-Four and a great start to the 2013 Season at The Point!

As mentioned several times here and in SPA newsletters, the Sturgeon Point History Project is no longer able to offer the breadth of community activities this year.  In large part that is because I no longer live in the community and live too far away to be able to be there in person.  Also there are so many volunteer hours required around the community that people's free time to give has become thin on the ground.  So I am out of Schlitz and the community is low on beer...

So, going into this 2013 season, here is what we are going to do.
1.  We are still collecting images of the community from any time in its history - from yesterday back to the beginning (pictures of dinosaurs welcome but the content of the cocktail glasses must be identified...).
Send these pictures to or e-mail and we'll make arrangements to get them scanned.
Several volunteers have offered to take photographs at community events and send them into the archive, their time and efforts will be really appreciated.
2.  Images for personal use, school projects, community events, etc., are available. Send an e-mail and we'll talk about what you need and how to get them to you.
3.  Research projects are not currently being undertaken, but if you have a great idea or question, fire away and we'll see what we can do.
Obviously the big event this year is that this is the Celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the First Regatta.  I have the CD of images and volunteers will be needed to print them and put them on display boards. Another group of volunteers will be needed to put the display up at the event.  Perhaps a group of students needing volunteer hours... Something for a day when golf gets washed out...  Please speak with Lisa Vehrs at SPA about this.

Have a great summer everyone. 


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