Sunday, 23 December 2012

Glad tidings approach...

As Christmas fast approaches, I know that many will have already headed to The Point. 

With family and friends there is so much to celebrate... We are all so blessed.  As we gather around our respective trees, we will remember those who are celebrating their first Christmas - be they newly born or new to the community, and we will remember those who have moved on - whether they have moved or passed on.

As my own family is one who has moved - and we are missing being a part of the Point at this time of year - I am going to be challenged to maintain this blog and the History Project at the same level.  So I am asking the Sturgeon Point Santa for some elves who might be available to lend me a hand...  I've put the scotch by my tree... and perhaps I might get some "Christmas at The Point" photos in my in-box.

Have fun with the last minute details and Merry Christmas everyone!

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