Friday, 17 August 2012

Doll Cottage has a home!

The draw for the Doll Cottage was held on on Saturday, August 11th at the Sturgeon Point Union Church.  The draw was done by our 3rd Speaker, John Summers.

And the winner was... drum roll please...

Susan Benson

A big round of applause.  And a big round of applause to everyone who contributed to the making of the Doll Cottage...

Joan S - who let us use her cottage as inspiration

Jay V - who built the cottage

Liane K - who conceived the idea and did most of the decoration and Tom K who supervised

Penny B, Bev B, and Pauline D - who shared stories of their childhood in the cottage

Flavelle B and Penny B - who helped with the genealogical research into the inhabitants

Maureen McK, Susan B and Carol S - who contributed furniture and items of decor

Martha D - who stored it between events

and a special thanks to everyone who made donations.  It was truly a community project.  We hope that Susan and her family will enjoy it.

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