Saturday, 16 June 2012

Civic Holiday and the 2nd Street Heritage Displays

For the Civic Holiday Heritage Boards, the Sturgeon Point History Project will be focusing on 2nd Street.  If you have tales of the legendary Poly Parties that took place... or pictures of Richard Thakes band... or Rev Edmonds at the Shamrock Cottage... or any of the VanVs... or of Ted supervising...  the History Project would love to see the pictures and hear the tales.

Marlyn Beggs with two young friends
Bring your pictures to the Canada Day BBQ or let me know that you have them and I will come and collect them.  Despite our move, our phone number remains the same.

The Crighton Cottage "Baby Blue" was rented by the Ollerheads in the 1950s.
Interesting how different the porch looks and how much vegetation there is to the north.

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