Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Ice is Out!

It is an amazing thing to see the lake ice free this early and to listen to the migrating birds coming in...  The ice went out on the morning of Friday March 23rd.  I have been told that it is the earliest on record.

I went and checked Anne Langton's journals to see if there was anything noted:

Wednesday, April 10th  It has been raining heavily the greatest part of to-day, which will help the opening of the lakes.  This event takes place rather early this year.  The 12th of April is the soonest John has known it, the 7th of May the latest.

Friday, April 12th  This morning I thought there was as much ice on the lake as yesterday, but a breeze sprang up soon after breakfast and in a few minutes it had all floated out of sight.  There is not a vestige left, though I suppose lower down the lake will still be covered.  John has been preparing his canoe for a paddle up to the Falls tomorrow.  I hope that he will bring down some letters.
(Source:  A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada - The Journals of Anne Langton, edited by H.H. Langton, pp87-88)

The Front Road is open again past the Upper Warf and we are seeing more people coming back to open up.

A reminder to all to keep the speeds down on the roads - the kids are all out and wobbly on their bikes after a winter's inaction.

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